In 1992 I made a dream come true by setting up my Art Factory and Shop after finding inspiration in graffiti art star, Kieth Haring’s little shop selling t-shirts, caps and merchandise, and visiting Andy Warhol in his “factory” in New York, with his philosophy of bringing art to everyone. I’ve always been against the elitist, exclusive part of the art world and want my art to be seen and enjoyed by more than just a few people. So, I decorated the outside of a building in Cape Town with Koos Malgas (from The Owl House in the Karoo) and set up my art factory that produced hand-painted etchings and ceramics. The accompanying gallery allowed people to view the production process, with the products themselves (t-shirts, plates, aprons, table mats, oven gloves, and a range of fabrics with my designs) then sold in the shop. It was a homeware store ahead of its time. It became too much of a burden to run alongside making my art, however, so I made the decision to close the store in order to focus on my art-making in the studio.

Now, it’s 25 years later and we are delighted to be re-launching my Art Factory and Shop online. There’s never been a more perfect time to reach people around the world with my more affordable art! Enjoy shopping.

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