Let There be Light

27 April – 1 June 2022


Everard Read is pleased to present concurrent exhibitions of new paintings and sculpture by Beezy Bailey at its London gallery and at Boughton House, one of Britain’s finest historic homes.

The idea for the Boughton House exhibition grew from a friendship between the present owner, Richard Montagu Douglas Scott, the 10th Duke of Buccleuch, and the celebrated South African artist. It reflects the Duke’s interest in ensuring that Boughton House continues to be the setting for lively, artistic projects that bring it vividly to life and encourage cultural exchange. Bailey’s exhibition responds to the architecture, collections, gardens and history of Boughton including Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna & Child, as well as Buccleuch family portraits and ceiling murals.


Beezy Bailey, Peaceful Battlefield, oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

The Love Revolution

3 – 24 March 2021


It is through pain that the metal of growth is forged.
The virus and the false news of starved spirits sing a thin song on social media.
We are so alone even when we are together.

So I go into the magic garden of my studio and, like a bee, I pollinate paintings, trying to make sense and ultimately beauty of what is before me.

For every degree of darkness in a painting or in the world, there has to be an inverse degree of light, so that we can see it all.
So it is light that I search for – light of the flame of humanity, light that has to shine out of my paintings.

Love is the only thing that can save our lost sad dark world.

And a universal hoping that one can be electrified by the radiant stories of art.

That is the Love Revolution.


BEEZY BAILEY, BEACH PARTY IN HEAVEN, 2020 Mixed Media on Canvas, 150 x 200 cm (59 x 78 5/8 in.)
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